Matt Davies Harmony Communities Discusses Tips for Finding a Great Pet Sitter


We all have responsibilities that need us to be away from our homes for a long time. According to Matt Davies Harmonies Communities, these responsibilities frequently prevent us from bringing our dogs along. Whether you are traveling abroad, seeing a sick family, or attending a wedding, you must coordinate the care of your pet, whether it be for four days or five weeks. That is why you must invest the time to find out what factors are vital to consider while looking for the best pet sitter.

Considerations In Finding a Pet Sitter

  1. Specialization- Pet sitters might offer services for just a particular type of pet. Several people love tiny or huge canines, while others only prefer cats or small animals. Others might have a talent for relating to elderly dogs or managing pups. If it isn’t included on their internet profiles, inquire about the kinds of pets the sitter has worked with.

  1. Location- This is an essential consideration if you’d like the pet sitter to go to your house or if you are fine with bringing your pet to theirs. When you have many pets that require care, having a pet sitter remain in your home is frequently the most convenient option.

Furthermore, getting somebody to visit and stay at your house helps your dog on schedule and might make him less stressed. On the other hand, several puppies prefer playing with other dogs and may appreciate being around in another house with a group to play with.

  1. Space- When sending your dog off to a pet sitter’s house, choose one comparable to yours. For instance, if your dog is accustomed to running around the backyard, look for a pet sitter with a fenced-in yard. However, if your dog resides in an apartment, leaving him in a different apartment is not a problem.

  1. Medical Needs- When your pet requires medical attention, search for pet sitters with a pet first aid certification, veterinary technologists, or veterinarians. You would like the person watching your pet to have expertise in delivering the amount of care your creature requires, including injections and medicines.

  1. Services- When your dog needs time to adjust to new faces, look for a pet sitter that provides dog walking and nighttime care. You may hire a pet sitter to come over many times for walks and play. By departing on vacation, your dog will be acquainted with the sitter.

  1. Communication- Several pet sitters will gladly send you images and videos of your pet when you are gone. If this is essential to you, request that pet sitters do it on a routine basis. Inform the pet sitter that communication provides you comfort, allowing you to appreciate your trip more while ensuring your pet is having fun.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities says that while looking for a pet sitter, if it does not look right, it probably isn’t. Do not be scared to say no and continue your search. Getting the appropriate pet sitter might take some time, which is fine since you will entrust this individual with one of your most precious possessions. Furthermore, investing a little effort in locating an excellent pet sitter can pay off big time for you or your pet. You will be put at ease when you know that your pet is comfortable and properly cared for while you are away. And your pet will create a new friend with whom they would like to spend time while you are not around.

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